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Wedding Vow or Quote Custom Tag Necklace

Wedding Vow or Quote Custom Tag Necklace

back engraving

Introducing our Custom Tag Necklace, a unique piece designed to encapsulate your most cherished words. Engrave a snippet from your wedding vows, a favorite quote, or a line from your first dance, creating a wearable treasure infused with your love story.

This necklace transcends the ordinary, becoming a profound memento of your special day. For brides, it's a subtle yet powerful way to keep the essence of the vows close to the heart. For grooms, it's a heartfelt gift to their partner, a token of the promises made.

Bridesmaids can wear it as a symbol of friendship, adorned with words that have meaning only to the chosen few. It's also a wonderful gift for mothers, holding the wisdom passed down through generations.

This necklace invites you to carry your precious moments wherever you go, whether it's the echo of 'I do,' the resonance of a cherished quote, or the rhythm of your first dance. It's not just jewelry; it's a tangible piece of your love story, ready to be worn and treasured every day.

Choose our Custom Tag Necklace and transform words into a wearable memory. Let your necklace speak volumes, telling a tale of love, commitment, and the beauty of unique connections. 💖✨ #CustomTagNecklace #WearableWords #LoveStoryJewelry

The necklace will be packed in a gift box.


- Necklace size: 56 cm 

- Pendant size: 22x39mm 

- Material: stainless steel


Europe: 1-6 business days

USA: 3-6 business days

UK: 2-4 business days

This is a personalized item, and it will be ready to ship within 2-4 business days.

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